What is SpaceDAO
Brief introduction about SpaceDAO
Good to know: SpaceDAO is humbly asked opinion from DAO, about the future of patterns and types of SpaceDAO. So we embrace a state of dynamic change!
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What is SpaceDAO

Got little minutes? Okay, you can know SpaceDAO with a few simple paragraphs below
SpaceDAO is the first DAOFi project with VR Games on BSC. The main goal of SpaceDAO is to find energy crystal and try to set up the connection with more planets in cosmic space, SpaceDAO rewards gamers by earning BNB and it provides a new VR algorithm, creating a new 3D game experience in crypto, and finally becoming the first technology open platform of VR game on BSC
On the other hand, SpaceDAO creates an all-new space for players to explore and have virtual space so we'll need a procedure to alter the DAO. That's why we call it SpaceDAO.
SpaceDAO will create extraordinary achievements with algorithms and games in the 3D game industry of the crypto world.
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